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HolisticWiki.org is a free and open resource committed to providing science based education pertaining to natural medicine and holistic health topics. Our goal is to become the trusted resource for credible information and scientific validation around these often controversial  topics. HolisticWiki.org is editable by any individual who wishes to contribute factual, validated information from credible sources, expanding the collective knowledge of the community and empowering consumers to make more informed health decisions. Holisticwiki.org is a place where users can discover new emerging science in an impartial environment and safely consider their options while eliminating from consideration that which has been proven unsafe or harmful.  

Entries are collaborative in nature and users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or use their real identity. Contributions are generally free from commentary or opinion and may be edited at any time for improved accuracy. Articles are labeled with a level of scientific validation ranging between 1 and 5.  Levels are derived from the scope and depth of scientific research and study available from credible sources. The community can have a reasonable expectation of accuracy as it relates to the scientific efficacy expressed in each article. HolisticWiki.org is not a place for editorial, pseudo-science or medical advice. Articles are refined over time through community collaboration as the body of research evolves..  

The degree of scientific validation assigned to each entry is broken-down as follows:

  1. This is new, there is no evidence for or against it.
  2. This is novel, there are some studies, but still in development.
  3. This is being evaluated. There are studies, but not rigorous yet.
  4. This is well studied.  There exists a large body of evidence.
  5. This has been evaluated, and there have been scientific conclusions about it.

Entries may also be labeled: “Outcomes not yet substantiated” - and, in some cases “Claimed outcomes disproven”

Degrees of Safety are classified as follows:

  1. GRAS (Generally regarded as safe)
  2. NO DATA
  3. Unsafe

HolisticWiki.org is governed by an independent review board (Like Wikipedia, anyone can update, and there’s tracking of who does what) - to insure the resource remains credible.